Hello there!!

Its cold and dark outside and I can hear thunder, it seems like the perfect day to start my blog.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sunaina, and I currently live in New York. I wont call myself a nomad as such but in the last eight years I have lived on three continents. Thats seven cities and three very different social customs and food palette. Yet the further I go away from home, India, I find my ties to it grow stronger. Ironical, maybe, but I find the most uncommon of things often common.

Over the last eight years, I have also seen a change in my professional goals, and I am happy to say I have found my calling. So after being a business researcher/consultant, I dived into the world of marketing. I like to think I can combine all these skills into one and apply the best parts to my career.

This blog is about my perspective on social and digital media, the marketing campaigns that have excited me and challenged my senses, and my experience of living in a foreign land. Well maybe not that foreign. Hope you enjoy it.

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