Lost in trans(portation)!!

New York – the City, the Big Apple, Melting pot, there are many nicknames for this city and its many wonderful attractions and people. When I first came to the city (about eight months ago), one aspect of the city that scared me in particular was the subway. I was afraid to go down into the belly of the beast. I wondered what was with all these lines – A,B,C,D, 1,N,Q,R….How do I get my ticket? How do I know whether I need to go uptown or downtown?

I constantly found myself on the wrong train, often heading in the wrong direction. I spent many a night waiting for the C, only to realize it don’t operate at that time. Yes, painful lessons but I am smarter for it today, well thats until I need to go to a new part of town.

You see in India and Delhi in particular, we didn’t have a public transportation system as well priced, and well connected as NYC (more on this later). Most people have cars, and others take a rickshaw, DTC bus (best of luck getting on those), carpool or take a taxi (these are rather overpriced). In Delhi, the government would need to offer a significant cash reward for the middle/upper middle class to take the metro (started in 2002) and ditch their cars, so I find it all the more enthralling that the  subway is so popular in New York. But I digress.

Over the last couple of months I have come to admire the efficiency of the subway, and the diversity it holds in its narrow tubes and its many stations. On any given day, I see people from all around the world and hear several different languages. I had a professor that called the subway the ‘great equalizer’, and I could not agree more. In the subway, no matter the designation/title/bank balance we are all equal, jostling for a seat and therein lies its beauty.

4 thoughts on “Lost in trans(portation)!!

  1. hi, Sunaina,

    How are you??!! I hope you are doing well! 🙂 This is Ying.

    Finally I accessed my facebook after a so long time and found your so nice blog! Thanks! I was enjoying reading your blog although right now I have not read all of your blog pieces yet, I will do that when I have more time. 😉 Thanks for sharing your experiences and feelings about NYC!

    Have a GREAT Summer ahead!


  2. Hi Sunaina,

    Nice blog:), i quite like it already:)Keep this coming:)

    Some stray thoughts on the topic – Delhi metro is clean and tidy and actually inviting (i take it everyday to work!!!)..i guess the sheer number of people who throng it actually turns new users away. If there was no ladies compartment, i would never, ever dream of taking it! Its really high time that this country starts to put together something to control the ballooning population!

    • Hello Akhila – thanks for the comment. I would imagine at this point (i.e. until rising gas prices pinch more pockets) you might be the exception rather than the rule. I totally agree with you our growing population certainly has its share of pros and cons.

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