They hit Like…now what

So your customer hits the like button on your Facebook (FB) page, your fan numbers grow and then what. This was the theme of an article titled – So you like my brand on Facebook. Now what? – on Adage.

In an earlier post, Why is social media important?, I mentioned that several firms are tasking their advertising/media agencies with setting up a FB page. But getting someone to click a button should not be the end goal. Fortunately, some firms are setting precedent for best practice. Here are some examples:

Adobe – Adobe Photoshop, currently has 2.18 million fans on FB, enlisted its product managed team to run its page. The team regularly asks fans what they want and learn what topics and ideas resonate with them. Thus far, Adobe has accumulated over 2 million lines and has over 3,000 comments. In addition, it regularly provides tips to get fans coming back to the page.

Adobe has been able to use its page to not only drive engagement but also use it as a vital product development and crowd sourcing tool.

Coca-Cola – The company takes a bold move towards engaging its FB fans by displaying user created content to drive the wall feed. The fan page was originally created by two fans, who just loved Coke. Rather than buying the page, Coke decided to work with them to build and represent the brand. Coke knows that its brand is an icon for consumers and most use collect and create art project out of it, so its photo album features user creations as well as pictures of its employee, and Coke products pictures from across the world.

By creating a community where consumers can display their creative talent and share their connection with the brand is what makes Coke’s FB innovative truly unique. Link to the article.

My perspective: Getting users to like your page is the first step, but it shouldn’t be the end purpose, it is a means to achieve your objective and it needs a focussed approach and the investment to make it successful.

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