A new dawn of social media??

What if I told you that there was a way to meet new people, get a great meal at a discount and all thanks to social media?

A new tool has just put the social back into social media. I came across this great new tool called Grubwithus, very smart name, a Chicago based start-up.

Grubwithus essentially helps brings strangers together to have a meal. You essentially go to the site, select the city you are in, browse through a list of dinners in their cities and buy tickets, usually for around $25. Before the event, you can share some information about yourself, just to know who you will be meeting. The NYT just wrote an article about it, and it sure sounds like a winning idea. Its been a while since I used a Charlie Sheen reference. The article rightly points out that as great as it is to share your life with your friends online and your professional pursuits on social media sites, we all crave face to face time.

I also like the way they have established a relationship with restaurants, allowing them to control their customer flows and ensure they are booked on evenings when business may be slow. It’s also a great new networking/meeting tool if you are new to a city and want to meet new people.

So at this point, I have just built a profile on the site. I might just go for one of dinners soon, and will report back on my experiences. What do you think, is this the dawn of social media and likely to see many more entrants in the market or just a one-off thing?

4 thoughts on “A new dawn of social media??

    • Yes there are risks but every industry has them. Lead paint in toy industry, salmonela in food industry and so forth. I think they are both unique business models that fill a market need. They do need to institute practices and checks and balances to protect their users.

  1. I think this platform is also vulnerable to what happened with Airbnb recently. I believe, grubwithus also comes with a similar risk.

    • Airbnb was an example of what not to do when dealing with crisis management. The business has set-up various checks and balances – verifying users asking for recommendations. But then again someone is living in your house and has access to your home – that leaves alot of room for wrong doings. So yes Grubwithus too could have vulnerabilities, but its a group dining scenario – so hopefully safety in numbers.

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